torsdag 24. januar 2008

When I started working on this one, all I knew was that this figure was jumping. Originally I wanted the person to jump out of joy but as some of you probably has realized my figures tend to turn out nasty or lonely or not happy at all for some reason. Well, I guess that means that my style in figure painting is semiabstracts showing strong emotions often with subjects that many of us prefer not to think about. Whether any of them will be saleable I do not care.

The Stranger He Turned Into When Angry,
medium: oil on canvas panel
size: 18x24cm
p&p is FREE worldwide with Priority International mail (4-7 days)

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blh sa...

This figure seems to me to be a possible wife and/or child abuser, a man who likes to start fights, a man who enjoys abusing any kind of power, especially physical power, or any other man who finds a reason to mistreat those who are weaker than he is, when he is in the mood. Alcohol could easily turn a man like this one into a "stranger", a person unlike his normal self, as could frustration, lack of mature control of his emotions, the feeling of power that he finds in hurting those weaker than he is, etc. The figure is presented as anonymous and merely represents a type of man, to my eyes. I see this as a warning to look for this inside men and to stay away from those in whom one can see hints of the figure.