torsdag 24. januar 2008

Shaky Step by Shaky Step Climbing Upwards,
medium: oil on canvas panel
size: 18x24cm


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blh sa...

This painting is such a perfect metaphor for life that I would like to buy it! I do not believe, either, that life is ever easy, even for the rich and famous, and a shaky rope ladder is a perfect metaphor for everyone's life. I think that it is important that the ladder in "Shaky Ladder..." is not a straight one that is easy to climb. Instead, it is frayed and worn, as if each rung has been used hard. I do not think that the artist is saying that this ladder is simply her own, personal ladder, but that it is everyone's ladder and that although we can use help throughout our lives, we still have to climb the precarious ladder of life on our own until we reach its end.