søndag 20. januar 2008

I really experienced tonight how cultural differences can make communication difficult. I said something I meant as a huge compliment and unfortunately due to bad wording and cultural insensivity on my part I ended up hurting a lady I would not for the world hurt. I have appologized and I ask you to pray or cross fingers depending on your preference that she will forgive me because I would hate it if this escalates.

I write in English but I am Norwegian and English is my second language and I might insult without meaning it. Please if I should happen to write something that you feel is hurtful in any way then email me and I will immedeately try to fix it.

In this painting I chose to focus on the cultural and lingvistic differences between Men from Mars and Women from Venus.

The Difficult Communication,
medium: oil on canvas panel
size: 18x24cm

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