torsdag 21. februar 2008

Visiting a Fantasy World

melted coloured beeswax
nfs, It will be mounted and frames and displayed at the Gautefall Central later.

My fantasy world has a visitor. I have made a close up of it so that you can see it. Insects has always been and probably will outlive us all and be parts of every world there is. One can not help but admire them.

Visiting a Fantasy World - close up

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4 kommentarer:

Diana Moses Botkin sa...

This is so beautiful and enchanting! The perceived depth of the image is staggering. Wonderful piece!

Trine sa...

It definately needs the right framing to bring it out properly. especially since it is so tiny only. 7x9cm which is nearly as smal as an ACEO

Lori McNamara sa...

Lovely Trine! It makes me think of orchids, we have some that are that exact color.

Trine sa...

yes, it is a fantastic colour isn't it.